Cleaning Services

Elite Surfaces now offers specialized residential and commercial cleaning services featuring Dry-Treat products. Elite Surfaces was trained and certified by this Australian based company in the use of all their products.

Stone Counter Top Cleaning

Are your stone counter tops looking a little worn? Maybe they just don’t have the shine as when they were first put in. Most of the time it is a strong film left on the stone from cleaners, grease or grim. Elite Surfaces can clean the stone using the X-Duty cleaner and after cleaning the stone we apply the Meta Crème 15 year sealer.

This service is offered for stone counter tops and/or backsplashes starting at $ 325.00
(includes 1 bottle of Rejuvenate for daily cleaning).

Floor and Grout Cleaning

Elite Surfaces also offers residential and commercial floor tile/grout cleaning. Over time floor tiles and grout get dirt stuck in the small crevasses that daily cleaning can not remove. Using Dry-Treat Oxy-Klenza Elite Surfaces can clean the dirt that has collected over the years and bring your floor back to its original luster.

* Due to product certifications Elite Surfaces does not offer these products for sale