Back Splashes

A backsplash is the background area that a countertop or sink is against. It becomes the focal point for kitchens, bathroom vanities, and even laundry rooms. A backsplash can be made from many different materials, changing the look and texture and giving depth to an otherwise flat space.

Install or Replace an Existing Backsplash

Want a new look for your kitchen but don’t have room in the budget for a remodel? Sometimes changing your existing backsplash or installing a new one is all it takes to bring an old kitchen design to life. Contrasting colors or textures can bring out features in your kitchen and downplay others. You’d be surprised what a backsplash can do! Let Elite Surfaces help you choose the perfect backsplash for your home.

Create a Focal Point

Tired of the bland or neutral colors of your kitchen or bathroom? You can spice things up without changing your existing structures. Adding a backsplash can create a focal point in any room by using a contrasting color or interesting design. Try a shimmery tile in a light-colored room or try a retro look with a bright color in a black and white kitchen. The possibilities are endless!

Protect Your Walls

The walls of your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are prone to messes and bacteria due to moisture. Moisture can chip and fade paint, warp wood and even cause mold to grow. A backsplash gives your wall a layer of protection from all those pesky things. Plus, sticky messes are easier to clean from a backsplash, cutting your cleaning time and prolonging the life of your walls.

Change the look of your home and protect your walls with a backsplash. Elite Surfaces can help you get the perfect look. Contact us today if you are interested in receiving a quote.