Hardwood Floors

Elite Surfaces offers refinishing of existing hardwood floors and a large selection of natural wood flooring products for new installations. Depending on your needs we can make sure you get the right product for your type of installation.

Refinishing Existing Hardwood

Elite Surfaces can bring your old worn hardwood floors back to life. Whether your floor just needs a coat of urethane to bring back the shine or a complete sanding to change the color, Elite Surfaces can do that. We offer Minwax Stains giving our customers over 20 colors to choose from. We also offer high gloss, semi gloss satin finishes. Elite Surfaces is also now offering “Sports Complex” clear coatings. This is the type of finish you see on basketball courts and some commercial application.

New Hardwood Installations

How is the average person supposed to know if they should use an unfinished, prefinished, solid or engineered hardwood floor. Which is better? Should you use an oak, bamboo or exotic wood? That is where our experience, knowledge and in-home free estimate come together. We can help you make the right decision and along with our quality installation you will have a beautiful hardwood floor that will last for years.

How to Know What Your Floor Needs

Elite Surfaces provides free, on site quotes for your flooring needs. Our team will professionally assess your current flooring in order to accurately evaluate if you need a refinish or a new hardwood flooring installation. Our team of hardwood flooring professionals only focuses on hardwood floors. This allows them to be high level experts regarding every aspect of hardwood floors.

If you would like to schedule a free, on site quote then give us a call! Our team of professionals are ready to help you with your hardwood flooring project!